Coarse Grain Peeling Machine Importance to Next Section
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grain peeling machine

COARSE GRAIN PEELING MACHINE, as its name, refers to the machine which can remove the coarse grains bran. Generally speaking, the coarse grain peeling machine is in charge of peeling. But if it cannot do well in peeling section, the next step will be influenced variously. After peeling, the coarse grain will be send to polishing section. If the coarse grain is not peeled without any bran left, when entering the polishing machine, it will increase the machine wearing and shorten the machine life.


How to ensure the coarse grain peeling machine’s peeling effect ?


1. The material entering the coarse grain peeling machine should be clean and dry. Any hard and large impurity in the coarse grain will affect the final peeling effect. So the coarse grain cleaning section is also important. It should ensure the grain cleaning into the peeling section. Besides, if the coarse grain moisture content is higher than the processing standard, the particle is difficult to peel. The peeling effect will be not efficient. Any coarse grain sending into coarse grain peeling machine should be clean and dry enough.


2. The gap distance between two rollers of coarse grain peeling machine should be appropriate. If the distance is too large, the bran won’t be removed; if the distance is too small, the coarse grain particle will be directly grinded into flour. The breaking rate will be too high. This should be definitely forbidden. Adjusting the rollers distance to most suitable degree can ensure the perfect peeling effect and high efficiency.


Coarse grain peeling machine is not complicated and difficult to understand. What we need to do is only paying attention to the details, and strictly obeying the standard requirement, then the coarse grain peeling machine will produce qualified grain product. Henan Institute of Grain Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will provide the best quality coarse grain peeling machine for you, and give you the professional advice on machine operation and maintenance. We will also provide perfect after sale service. Welcome to visit our factory and equipment site.


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